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Meddlers Game Introduction Management 3.0’s Meddlers Dynamics, created by Jurgen Appelo, is very useful for discussing how to allocate people at different times.The allocation process becomes exponentially complicated as the number of people increases.A collaborative and interactive dynamic that allows for multiple investigations in a short time. We’ve been experimenting with Meddlers to discuss the odds […]

Team Competency Matrix Introduction The Team Competency Matrix is ​​a simple and powerful Management 3.0 tool.The purpose of the tool was to verify which skills the team needs versus what the team already has, managing to identify the gap between the two.It’s simple because you classify these skills into 3 categories: beginner, practitioner and expert.Red, yellow and […]

Team Decision Matrix Introduction Everyone is talking these days about empowering teams. In most cases, organizations want to distribute decision making to teams. Teams are doing the real work and are generally better at making work decisions than managers. So far, nothing new.Different situations require different decision-making processes within teams and there are a variety of ways […]

Delegation Poker Introduction Maybe you already know the Delegation Poker game by Jurgen Appelo. We differentiate the following 7 levels of delegation: Tell: I will tell them Sell: I will try and sell it to them Consult: I will consult and then decide Agree: We will agree together Advise: I will advise but they decide Inquire: […]

Niko-niko calendar Introduction The Niko-niko calendar is the application of a very important principle in Agile project management defined by American engineer and Agile expert Tom Gilb:“Everything you need to quantify can be measured in a way that simple to not even measuring it.” The analysisdoes not have to be perfect or accurate. The goal is […]

Moving Motivators Introduction There are questions that are difficult to answer.Who are you?How do you see yourself in 5 years?Why are manhole covers round (by Google)?How much would you charge to wash all your Seattle windows(by Facebook)? I know that answering this question is challenging, after all what should I consider to answer this question?Passion?Money?Challenge? But […]

Work Expo Introduction Work Expo is the metaphor of making and exhibiting in a playful and collaborative way to create visual messages of the team’s values, the reason for being in a team and anchoring it in the minds and spirit of our employees.It’s one of the simple practices in Management 3.0, but its value lies […]

Personal Maps Introduction In today’s corporate scenarios, we often work years at a time with the same people, but without knowing them well enough. This distance can generate a lack of engagement between the teams, impact the progress of activities and directly interfere with the quality of product delivery. Mainly when dealing with remote or distributed […]